oblazinjenje avtodomov

Oblazinjenje avtodomov je naša strast!

In addition to being the exclusive regional representative for Carthago luxury caravans and Hobby trailers and caravans with a more friendly pricing range, we also have our own line of luxury campervans Robetamobil, which gives us a unique advantage. It enables us to fully understand the needs of our caravanning clients and therefore help them pick out the right materials for their needs.

By providing the complete upholstery for our own line of campervans, we’ve managed to perfect our products and are able to use the experience to provide the best possible consulting and manufacturing services to our client (how thick the foam should be for maximum comfort and lowest price, most durable leather, providing intricate embroidery, which colors to choose …) in order to bring their vision to life.

Bogate izkušnje

We realize how important it is to select the right materials, which is why we work with the best material providers for only the highest quality materials with a wide range of finishes and colors. Based on the agreed color palette and budget, the proper material combination is selected, before contacting our suppliers for the right amount of materials. That way, the client does not have to worry about ordering too much material or the wrong quality or type of material.

Kako poteka oblazinjenje avtodoma?

The process of ordering new upholstery for your caravan or trailer is extremely easy. The first step is to contact us via phone or e-mail and let us know your wishes. Are your seats used, with holes or cracks in the material? Do you not feel comfortable in your home on wheels? Come by our headquarters or send us images of your project and we will be happy to send you an offer. If you decide to bring your vehicle to our headquarters, we take care of removing the current upholstery, or you can remove it yourself and send it to us through mail.

The elements of the upholstery are then disassembled into patterns, fully digitalized for maximum efficiency and speed, and imported into the cutter. The robotic cutter then precisely cuts the materials into patterns, which saves both time and money. The elements are then sown into the final product with added custom embroidery.

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